Clay Paint Restoration

Removes deep, stubborn paint impurities for a silky smooth glossy finish.

In some cases, simply washing a vehicle is not enough. When deep paint imperfections and impurities are difficult to remove, special equipment and techniques are often required. Ziebart clay paint restoration will eliminate stubborn contaminants while restoring your vehicle’s original shine and appearance.

Why Use Auto Detailing Clay?

Ziebart detailing clay is specifically designed to address visible surface impurities that are difficult to remove, such as tree sap, road tar or paint overspray. Additionally, Ziebart clay paint restoration removes unwanted contaminants that you may not see. Once clayed, your vehicle will have a sleek and smooth finish and be ready for a protective coating.

Proper Clay Bar Treatment

While clay bars can be purchased off the shelf, use of this special compound requires a clean and shaded indoor area for application, as well as an extreme attention to detail in order to properly clay a vehicle panel by panel. Ziebart's expert technicians are trained to maximize the value of clay paint restoration, ensuring your vehicle receives the proper care it deserves within the right environment.

Part Of The Exclusive Diamond Gloss® Package

When you select Diamond Gloss® Paint Protection, your vehicle will be washed and clayed before a protective sealant is applied. This process ensures that visible and invisible impurities are removed prior to locking in a beautiful new shine.

To learn more about Ziebart clay paint restoration, contact your nearest Ziebart store.