Ziebart Fleet Services

Since 1959, consumers have trusted Ziebart to provide the highest level of appearance enhancements and protection services for their vehicles. Now, fleet owners can enjoy those same benefits with exclusive services and products tailored to their unique needs.

Fleet Detailing Services

Fleet vehicles are in the public eye virtually every day. When on the road, they are a direct representation of your company’s image. To keep your company’s fleet vehicles and your corporate image looking their very best, Ziebart fleet services offers a full suite of interior and exterior detailing services. Our exclusive products are specially formulated to improve the appearance of your vehicle both inside and out. We also offer long-lasting, anti-bacterial detailing services designed to sanitize vehicles, creating a healthier environment for you, your staff and your customers.

Improve Resale Value

With regular service applications from Ziebart, your fleet vehicles will not only look their best, but also maintain their value. This can translate to increased resale value at auction and a higher return on investment.

For a complete list of services, download our fleet services brochure. To learn more about Ziebart fleet services, contact us today.

Protect Fleet Vehicles Appearance

Ziebart offers a variety of fleet appearance enhancements that protect vehicles routinely exposed to the elements. From undercoating and rust protection services to spray-on bed liners and windshield repair, Ziebart can address the unique challenges that come with owning and maintaining a fleet of commercial or industrial vehicles prone to wear and tear.