Headlight Restoration

Whether it’s inclement weather or night-time driving, clarity counts. Ziebart corrects foggy or hazy headlights so you have a safer commute with our unrivaled Headlight Cover Restoration process.

As your headlights age, a fog or haze can form on the cover. This unwelcome appearance is usually due to a combination of damaging UV Rays from the sun and impurities found on the road. Ziebart headlight cover restoration removes the cloudy appearance of foggy headlights and restores their original brightness.

Improve Headlight Brightness

Ziebart’s headlight cover restoration solution leverages our advanced hi-speed polishing process in order to remove unwanted headlight haze. This approach is specifically designed to improve headlight brightness, leading to headlights and fog lights that shine brilliantly clear.

Remove Headlight Fog

Headlight fog not only impacts your visibility when driving, but also adds an unsightly look to your vehicle's appearance. Ziebart's expert technicians remove headlight fog by wet sanding and then polishing the cover to remove road contaminates, effectively eliminating a foggy or cloudy appearance while improving headlight performance.

Restore Headlight Clarity With Ease

Do-it-yourself methods for attempting to remove headlight fog do not always yield desired results. By bringing your vehicle to Ziebart, it will receive the attention and care it deserves from a trained technician with experience in restoring headlight clarity.

To ensure your headlights shine clear and bright, contact your nearest Ziebart store.