Rust Eliminator

Nothing can reverse the signs of rust, but Ziebart’s Rust Eliminator can stop further rusting in its tracks.

Rust happens. Whether you purchased a used vehicle that is already showing signs of damage, or own a car or truck that has not yet benefited from being treated with a rust protection service, finding rust damage is common as the years go by. However, this does not mean your vehicle cannot be protected from further rust damage with Rust Eliminator.

Effective Protection From Further Rust

Designed to work with the rust already on your vehicle, Ziebart Rust Eliminator reacts with the existing rust to transform it into a protective, rust-inhibiting film. This is done with a patented chemical formula designed to halt corrosion and transform affected areas into a buffer from further damage.

A Powerful Combination

Paired with our rust protection service, Ziebart Rust Eliminator is the perfect solution for auto owners looking to prevent future rust for years to come. The patented formula is safe on non-corroded metals and does not reduce metal thickness while working with your vehicle’s existing corrosion. This makes Rust Eliminator a perfect companion with Rust Protection, Undercoating and dry sealant coatings.

Spotting rust does not mean your vehicle is destined for a life of corrosion. Instead, it serves as an immediate alert that your car or truck is in need of protection that only Ziebart can offer. If you are seeing signs of rust on your vehicle, contact a Ziebart store today to find out all of the solutions that are available to limit the damage and avoid future corrosion.