Ultra Fabric Protection

Keeps your vehicle's fabric fresh and protected, leaving you with an interior you're proud to show off.

Have you ever noticed that when the carpet in your home looks great, you also feel great? This is because carpet stains are embarrassing.

Consider this - The average person will spend hours every day driving in their vehicle, where the majority of the surfaces are either carpet or fabric upholstery. Wouldn't it feel great to keep these surfaces protected from embarrassing dirt and stains?

Ziebart Ultra Fabric Protection is specifically designed to do just that: keep your vehicle's carpet and fabric upholstery looking amazing, leaving you with an interior you'd be proud to let passengers experience.

Prevent Stains

Our technicians will carefully work our non-staining Ziebart Ultra Fabric Protection into the fabric surfaces in your car or truck, thoroughly coating each individual fiber. Once applied, this compound seals your fabric and upholstery, keeping it safe from dirt, grease, and stains. Ziebart Ultra Fabric Protection does all of this without altering the color, feel, or texture of the fabric. In fact, our fabric protection will help your fabric retain its vibrant appearance.

The Best Interior Vehicle Protection Available

Ziebart leather conditioner is included as part of our exclusive Inner-Guard® PLUS package. When combined with Ziebart Germ Defender® and Ziebart Ultra Fabric Protection, your vehicle will experience the ultimate level of protection.

Interested in keeping your leather seats looking new? Contact your nearest Ziebart store for more information.

Long Lasting Protection

Since Ziebart Ultra Fabric Protection is an invisible barrier coating your vehicle's interior fabric, it also improves its wearability. With routine maintenance, Ziebart Ultra Fabric Protection is also covered by our industry-leading nationwide warranty.

Hassle Free Cleanup

Ziebart Ultra Fabric Protection also makes cleaning up the "oops" and "uh-ohs" of life quick and effortless. Because our compound locks in the fibers of your vehicle's fabric surfaces, the messes made by everyday life simply cannot penetrate and leave a lasting stain.

Ziebart's Interior Detailing Options Include A Wide Assortment Of Effective, Industry-Leading Products Designed To Fit Your Vehicle's Needs, Including: